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Isfahan, half of the world

Half of the world, the cradle of rare Islamic arts, a unique collection of Safavid monuments, the city of bridges and many other terms are just describing a little part of Isfahan’s glory and significance. As the provincial capital of Isfahan province, located in the central parts of the vast Iran, the city of Isfahan is an important element of Iran’s tourism by embracing a universal site as: Neqsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and many super splendid attractions.

We’ll start our sightseeing in Isfahan by the most highlighted site of the city which is Neqsh-e Jahan Square (also known as the Shah Square or Imam Square), the central square of Isfahan city. As one of the largest squares all over the world, Naqsh-e Jahan has been inscribed as a World Heritage. The square is a historical area which is surrounded by some other attractions including: Ali Qapu Palace, Shah Mosque (Imam Mosque), Sheikh Lotfullah Mosque & Qeisariyeh Traditional &Historical Bazaar which are adding a greater significance to it. By entering the square of Naqsh- e Jahan which means”the pattern of the world “in Farsi language, we’ll be amazed of an unrecognizable glory and also a pleasant symphony of crowd and the active environment which is floating over this World Heritage in Isfahan.

Located in the proximity of the Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Chehel Sotun Palace, means 40 pillars palace in persian language, shines bright like a valuable gem.

Isfahan is also known as the city of bridges which have been constructed over a river which passes along the city known as, Zayande Rood River.

Additionally Isfahan is honored to be home for some Armenian residences of Iran, the ones who have came to as hard working artisans.  We’re going to visit an Armenian highlighted Cathedral, as one of the most significant Cathedrals in Iran both for historical and architectural aspects, namely Vank Cathedral.

Not only art, history & culture, but also Shiraz

Shiraz, the collection of Persian arts and a calm atmosphere

We’re going to start a journey to the depth of Persian art, history, culture and beauty. A destination which is totally different from what you’ve seen and ever experienced. A destination which is considered as the city of poets, historical monuments, gardens, rare cultures and handicrafts. A destination which is named Shiraz, the capital of Fars province located in the southern parts of the lovey country of Iran.

In order not to miss the awesome attractions of this Iranian unique city, Shiraz, we’ll start our excursions in the morning by visiting the most highlighted sited of Shiraz, Nasir ol Molk Mosque. The mosque, also known as the pink mosque, is located in the depth of Shiraz’s central part

The next site to visit will be Karimkhan Citadel which had been used as the living Palace of Zand dynasty’s most powerful king, Karimkhan Zand. In order to have a refreshment, we will go to some shops in the vicinity of the citadel to have a hi-quality well-known Shirazi dessert namely Faloudeh, the one you’ll love the taste.

Then we should start visiting a historical complex of Shiraz locating so close to the citadel, namely Zand Complex. The complex embraces Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque and Vakil Bazaar which are entirely belonging to the Zand dynasty. As one of the most known parts of Vakil Bazaar which shouldn’t be missed Saraye Moshir is mentioned.

Hafez Tomb. , known as Hafezieh, as a spiritual attraction, attracts many foreign and Iranian tourists as it is the cemetery of an Iranian great poet namely Hafez.

In the continuation will start by an excursion to the most well-known attention of Iran, PERSEPOLIS (UNESCO World Heritage Site). This universal site which 60 km away from the city of Shiraz, was one of the ancient cities of Iran known as the glorious capital of Achaemenid Empire founded by Cyrus the Great. By an extensive exploration to the whole parts of this superb universal site, we’ll proceed another unbelievably ancient namely: Naqsh-e Rostam.

Let’s return to the city of Shiraz to finish our sightseeing by visiting a historical Gate known as Quran Gate.


Not only many historical, architectural and cultural sites and museums, but also an extended variety of natural features and aspects like high mountains and well-equipped ski resorts have formed the tourism concept of a city which is deserved to be one of the most outstanding parts of your travel itinerary to Iran, the city which is named Tehran( the capital city of Iran).

The Azadi tower is considered as one of the main symbols of the city which has been constructed before the islamic revolution of Iran, over the former regime, Pahlavi. Tehran, one of the most important tourism cities in Iran, embraces many historical sites like museums and royal palaces in addition to the modern sites like Tabiat Bridge and Milad Tower.

Tehran can be divided into two different regions, the northern part where the most modern Iranian lifestyle is floating and the southern part which is considered as the old part of the city, home of the most highlighted museums and historical sites of Tehran. Although Tehran is vast enough to be explored even more than one week, we will start by the central part of Tehran, where the only World Heritage Site of Tehran, the Golestan Palace, is located. The next site we’re going to visit are some of the most delightful attractions in Iran such as Tehran Grand Bazaar, one of the greatest historical bazaars of the country, National Museum of Iran, one of the only archeological museums  over the world, National Crown Jewels Museum, one of the world’s most fascinating collection of royal jewels, Ceramics Museum and Carpet Museum.

Tajrish Square  is  one of the main parts of the northern Tehran. Although this part of the city is well-know by considering as the modern part of the city, but it is embracing some historical royal palaces of Tehran namely: Sa’ad Abad complex and Niavaran palace.

In addition to the rare historical sites as mentioned before, Tehran possesses many awesome parks such as Laleh Park, Mellat Park , Jamshidiyeh Park.

If you’re fan of winter sports the whole related excursions, Tehran is also a rare destination, as it is located in the vicinity of the best Middle-East ski resort namely Dizin. Not only Dizin but also Tochal ski resort are the main ski resorts next to the city of Tehran which have really great facilities and equipments to do any desired ski excursions.

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